Sunday, 31 August 2014

When Eloise Chooses For Herself - Hawthorne Sweatshirt & SFSJ

Back when Willow & Co first released the Wanderlust Collection I bought this Hawthorne Sweatshirt pattern. I love it. Such a practical garment for my kids. Unfortunately I got busy and didn't get around to making one up until recently. I let Eloise chose the fabrics and I think she did a pretty good job. I loved the pink with yellow pears on it and didn't want it to only be on the inside so I made a small modification to the pattern to allow the fabric to peek through.

I'm so glad I did. I love the little pops of pink in this jumper. 

Below is a little collage of photos (of the second one of these I made) to explain what I did. In short, I used a DVD to make the shape for the pocket. Then made a curved pocket lining. One one of the pocket lining pieces I cut the same "DVD" curve. Then I placed the lining piece with the curve cut out wrong sides facing with the front top piece and pinned some folded ribbing to the curve with raw edges aligned and on the right side of the front top piece. For the length of the ribbing I measured the curve then cut a piece about 2" shorter and stretched as I pinned. Then I used my overlocker to attach the three pieces together. I then topstitched around it to keep the overlocking hidden inside. Next I lined up the other pocket lining piece  and overlocked the pocket lining pieces to each other. Then I did the same for the other side of the front. It was very quick and easy.

 The pocket in action below :)

 Despite miss E chosing the fabrics and loving the clothing...she did NOT want to have photos in them :/

Watch out E, I can see a smile...

It's a hard life being 2!

Little pops of pink and pears.

So what does one pair a Hawthorne Sweatshirt with? Small Fry Skinny Jeans of course. Eloise has had a growth spurt and her size 2T SFSJs are starting to get a bit little and it is still pretty cool most of the time so it was time for some more. I showed E all of the stretch denims and she chose this fluoro peach (and a really, really bright hot pink). 

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention...I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!!! I love my old one and it has seen me through a LOT of sewing but it has been struggling of late. So I started to do some research and then I got hooked on this new machine and had to have it. It has some fancy features including lettering. So for these "Eloise's choice" SFSJs I added her name to all of the pockets instead of topstitching. I won't go on and on about my machine (I probably will, just not right now) but, WOW it sewed through multiple layers of denim like it was nothing!!

Eloise just loves her whole outfit. The top is just a Target T-shirt I got on sale.

Have I told you lately how much I love SFSJs??? My favourite and most sewn pattern ever.

These are size 3 half fly ones, no zip. These are from the larger size range as E doesn't need the nappy room any more.

Love this girl so much. I am very lucky to have such amazing, happy and healthy kids!

I was incredibly happy with how these items came together despite not being the one to choose the fabrics. I think the great results, every time, has a lot to do with the awesomeness of the pattern. I will be linking this up to the Willow & Co blog, there are some awesome outfits linked up over there. You should stop by and look.

Please let me know what you think and if you haven't already, I seriously recommend grabbing these patterns they are both great.

Kerry xx

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  1. LOVE the color combination ....we've yet to sew the SFSJ, but have only heard great things about them!!