Friday, 22 August 2014

DIY Artwork Keyring

My Master 3yrs loves doing artwork. He draws the most cute little figures and each and everyone of them just makes me smile. This is his painting of me, quite a good resemblance (and so flattering without my tummy too).

How pleased does he look showing the picture he did of his family? Aunty Kerry, Uncle Dean, Xander, Sethan, Eloise, Griffin, Granny & Mummy. I love it xx

I have pictures of his artwork all over the playroom, and I often wish I could take them with me when I am out. 

Cue crafty Mumma idea. I've seen gorgeous key rings made with kids artworks, but the price tag was out of my reach. Being thrifty & creative I purchased some metal key tags and decided to have a go at engraving them with a copy of G's artwork.

The first step was to chose a picture, then photocopy and reduce the size. I transferred the image by hand onto the silver key tag using a fine tip permanent marker.

 Using the engraving tool, I traced over the black pen lines. 

When I was finished engraving I used a regular baby wipe and rubbed it over the keyring and  removed any remaining black marker lines, and then it was done. 

How sweet does it look? Griffin is so chuffed too :)
Such a quick and inexpensive creative gift for the relatives for Christmas too.

xx Linda

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