Saturday, 2 August 2014

I heart pattern testing: Boo! Designs Firefly Dress - Ka-chow!

Imagine my excitement when I got an email asking me to join the testing team for the Boo! Designs Firefly Dress!! This is such an awesome pattern. Today I am sharing my FIRST version, the "Ka-Chow Dress" as Eloise has named it.

 A week or so after testing began we had a car themed party to attend so I decided my first version would be a dress for Eloise to wear to that. She is, incidentally, a big fan of the movie "Cars" and instantly recognised this dress as a Lightening McQueen "Ka-Chow" dress.

So... about the pattern...
It was designed by Kristie from Boo! Designs so, as expected, it is professionally drafted. There's not a lot of printing and taping involved (yay!) but what I did print and tape matched up with precision. It all lined up perfectly when sewing too which is vital for a good finished product. The end result was a dress that turned out exactly as it was supposed to.

This is a detailed pattern aimed at intermediate sewists. The main pressure points are the mitred neckline and the bodice/ruffle construction. Kristie's instructions are fabulous as usual and I didn't have any unpicking adventures while getting it made. The raw edges are all enclosed so this dress is beautiful on the outside and comfortable on the inside.

 I decided to use a drill fabric for the main parts of the dress because I couldn't resist this chequered flag print. I matched it with a plain red cotton and a printed yellow cotton for the contrast parts and plain red buttons. I made the majority of this first one in one night (after the kids went to bed) but finished off the neckline and buttons the next day. 

I love it, and more importantly, so does Eloise :)

 I'm impressed at how girly this dress can be in florals and pinks and then really edgy and trendy in more modern fabrics. Wait 'til you see all the pimped versions in the coming weeks too!

 Look at the big red bow at the back!! And the pops of red from the buttons. The whole back opens up which is FABULOUS for miss E who HATES pulling things on over her head...really hates it! It is great for not messing up pretty hairstyles too (not an issue for us, we are pretty simple when it comes to hairstyle).

 I love this side view of the ruffles...

It's got good coverage under the arms too.

So WHERE and WHEN can I buy this I hear you ask??
Over on the right ---> there should be a link for One Thimble. 
Or: Click here to visit One Thimble. (affiliate link). This pattern will be available in the next edition of One Thimble. It will be released in just under two weeks (Aug 15). I will be buying a copy for all the other patterns and tutorials in it too (there are going to be some awesome things, I can't wait).

I'd love to hear what you think of my version so please leave a message here or on our facebook page. I have made two more of these beautiful dresses with quite different "looks" and I'll be popping back to blog about them very soon. I'm hoping to get time to make even more. Keep an eye out for the other  testers' versions popping up on facebook and blogland.

I received  a copy of this pattern as a part of the testing but my opinions are always my own :)

Kerry xx


  1. Wow! That is just gorgeous! I definitely can't wait for the next issue of One Thimble! :)

  2. This dress is so pretty!! And so is your little model <3