Friday, 14 November 2014

Rowan Tee Pattern Tour

I was lucky enough to get to test the Rowan Tee and now I'm even luckier and get to join in the Rowan Tee Pattern Tour. There are lots of great bloggers joining in the tour. You really should pop over to Craftstorming and click on all the links to see everyone's awesome Rowans Tees... there are so many and they are all different.

 I love when Laura brings out a new pattern. Her patterns are all so well written and make practical garments that can be made over and over and can be worn again and again. This pattern does not disappoint! There are 144 possible combinations...that's right 144!!!  I won't list them all, but this is certainly a pattern that can be used year 'round for boys and girls alike. 

As with all of Laura's patterns, this one has professionally drafted pattern pieces that are properly labelled, the instructions are straightforward, well illustrated and beginner friendly. And there is a quick reference guide for those of us who dislike sifting through the whole pattern after we've made it once.

The sizing is spot on and the neckline is a little wider than some T-shirt patterns I've made which is great for Eloise who hates me pulling T-shirts over her head. 

During testing I made three Rowans Tees for Eloise. Cheeky little miss was not particularly cooperative and kept insisting on having her left hand in the right pocket and right hand in the left pocket. 

These aren't the best quality photos but they show some of the options.

(hooded Tee with cuffed short sleeves with shoulder stripe cuffed hem and kangaroo pocket)

(regular neck, full stripe with hemmed sleeves and cuffed hem and kangaroo pocket)

(regular neck, full stripe short sleeves with hemmed sleeves and bottom hem)

For the tour I made a Rowan Tee with short, hemmed sleeves, full stripe (shoulder and sleeve) and bottom hem with kangaroo pocket.

(and look - hands in the correct pockets!)

I used two ladies T-shirts for fabric. Both were very light weight knits which suits our warm (read: HOT) summery temperatures. I paired this top with some SFSJs made as shorts. The darker pair I made with stretch denim from the local fabric store and the lighter pair are up-cycled from men's jeans I bought for next to nothing at an op shop.

This is a "must have" pattern for boys and girls of any age. I will be making many many more for my kids. You can get your copy here. There is an exclusive discount for those who sign up to the email list too. It is a great way to hear about new patterns as soon as they are available.

Remember to check out all the other versions over at Craftstorming.

I'd love to know what you think :)

Kerry xx

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kenzie's Party Dress Blog Tour

Today I am joining in the Kenzie's Party Dress Blog Tour for Everything Your Mama Made & More. This is my first time using an EYMM&M pattern. This pattern has a few options to chose from. It can be a dress or a skirt, can have flounces or be a simple gathered skirt, can have little sleeve flutters and a sash. I chose the skirt version with flounces.

Eloise chose the, pink, and more pink :/ She was very happy with the super pink end result. She happily climbed and spun around and then wore it to the shops with her Daddy.

This is not a pattern one makes for everyday wear. It requires a lot of fabric and will take heaps of ironing after washing it. I think the simple skirt option would be more practical and more likely to be worn again. That said, it is not overly complicated to make. The gathering is the most labour intensive part of the pattern.

There are a few things I'd do differently if I was to make it again. I would take more time lining up the flounces and I would either add a second row of elastic to the back waistband or I'd make the waistband narrower.

And now for the fun part... Pics of E :)

The two shots below show the skirt sitting quite low. I had put in on her higher up but she kept pulling it down, I guess she prefers skirts to sit lower on her waist.

Spinning and twirling. She couldn't wait to spin and jump and twirl around.

Don't all little girls like to climb trees in party skirts? My little girl sure does...might explain why I love making jeans for her most of the time :)

Thanks for coming along to see my version of this pattern. There are some more bloggers joining in over the next week and a half. Check out EYMM&M for the links to the other participants in the tour.

You can buy your copy here and use the coupon code LITTLELADY for 30% off any Kenzie’s Party Dress purchase until 11:59pm PST on 12/11/2014.

And... there is a rafflecopter giveaway below too :) The prizes total $125 and include $50 EYMM gift certificate, Stitchbox Monthly November Sewing Box ($35 value), $25 EYMM gift certificate, and a Little Lady Sheet of Jamberry Juniors Nail Wraps ($15 retail).

Let me know what you think.

Kerry xx

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