Thursday, 26 September 2013

I Heart Pattern Testing: Titchy Threads Fancy Pants Leggings

I was so excited to be selected to test the bigger sizes of the Fancy Pants Leggings from Titchy Threads. These are a seriously quick sew and a great intro to sewing with knits. The pattern pieces are clearly marked, fit together properly when printed (I know I mention that a lot, but seriously nothing is more annoying than a pattern that doesn't line up, am I right?). I think my first pair of these took about 15-20mins to make (including cutting) and my second pair even less. Xander LOVES them. He wears them as PJs and if I let him I'm pretty sure he'd never take them off. He is about to be 7yo and wears size 8 in store bought clothing. I have been quite disappointed in the past when I have bought patterns that go up to a size 8 but are WAY WAY too small for him. This pattern is not like that. I made the size 8 and they fit perfectly.

If you already have the smaller sizes of this pattern then check your Titchy Threads account because... believe it or not... Laura is offering the extra sizes (5-10) as a free update!!!! That is so generous!!. If you haven't got it yet you can buy it here and it includes sizes 0-3mo - 10yo.  And... she is offering a discount code for  5TO10NOW to get 20% off for the next week!  For more information about it visit Laura's blog.

This is my second pair. 

My "big" little man. I can't believe he is turning 7 in just over a week!!

The little contrasting panel. It's great for up-cycling old T-shirts. I just used some fabric I had in my stash.

He loves how comfy and stretchy they are.

These are the first pair I made

I made them with fabric to match the T-shirt I'd made a while back... It didn't occur to me while I was making them that a red panel might look a bit odd. He loves them anyway.

These leggings are very easy and quick to make and my son LOVES them. I will be making some for Seth and Eloise soon too. I should add I was given a free copy of this pattern to test it but my opinions are my own (and Xan's). The T-shirts Xander is wearing are made from the Suburban Basic T-shirt pattern from Terra's Treasures.

Have you got a copy of the Fancy Pants Leggings? Who will you be making them for?

I can't wait for Laura to finish up the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern next (no pressure Laura ;)). 

Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment :)

Kerry xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Cute Little Bubble Shorts

I saw these bubble shorts featured on Frances Suzanne and I knew I needed them. I really want to add the ruffle variation that they made but thought I'd better try them out as intended first. They are the Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho They are super quick to make and turned out pretty cute (even if I do say so myself).

I used this pretty purple hydrangea fabric. I love this fabric. I originally made a Boo! twirly skirt and Little Missy Bolero out of it. Then I bought more and made a Boo! Pinny with it and then yesterday I bought MORE to make these. It is one of the more expensive fabrics in the Spotlight quilting fabric section...but.. I was lucky enough to get it as a remnant this time! So the fabric for these shorts cost $4 and I have enough left over to make a few more things :) I LOVE a fabric bargain.

I had a rare non-work, toddler-free day today (thanks Linda) and I managed to sew these up in no time at all. Sewing in the day with no interruptions is certainly a novel treat. I had Xander (nearly 7) home with me and he mopped the kitchen floor while I sewed. How cool is that? And he made this little sign to warn me that the floor was wet :) 
Love my little man :)

And, of course, some shots of miss E modelling her shorts. Excuse the wet T-shirt, she'd been doing water-play just before I arrived.

I think next time I'll gather the outer shorts more at the outside edge and less at the crotch so they sit better when worn.

Thanks for stopping by. I will hopefully get some photos of the Prefontaine Shorts by Made With Moxie I've been sewing up over the past few days and share them soon. I also did a pattern test for the bigger sizes of the Fancy Pants Leggings by Titchy Threads so if I can wrangle some photos I'll do up a review. 

These bubble shorts have all the puffiness of a bubble skirt but the modesty and "playability" of shorts.

What do you think?

Kerry xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Flip This Pattern: Up-cycled W-Mini Skirt

I couldn't resist joining in Flip This Pattern again. I WAS going to sit this month out. I have a lot going on at the moment in my "real" life and my whole family has just recovered from a nasty virus. But, I was sitting there on Sunday night and inspiration struck. I waited until the next day to make the decision and buy the pattern (the W pants from Blank Slate Patterns). I DID NOT need another pants pattern (don't tell my husband... I honestly only bought this pattern to join in this month's flip). 

The idea that came to me was a little denim mini skirt. I used an old, old pair of jeans I have had for years and they have been too big for most of that time. In fact if I remember back I think I wore these when I was pregnant with Xander...he is about to turn 7!!

Don't laugh at my rough sketch. I drew this when the idea came to me.

So, how did I "Flip" the pattern? I changed the W-shorts from shorts to a skirt. I made it a bit shorter than it would have been if I had made the shorts, I extended the side seams out to give an A-line shape and I used button hole elastic and made the waistband adjustable. My plan is for Eloise to wear this with leggings under it. 

I also kept the original belt loops from the jeans and used them for the skirt

I took some super quick photos this afternoon...

I did double rows of top-stitching for most of the seams

I chose the zippered welt pocket option.

I used a floral quilting cotton for the waist band facing.

And to line the pockets.

I love the look inside the welt pockets. They are totally unnecessary for an 18 month old but cute nonetheless.

Just a couple of shots of Eloise today... she was not really in the photo mood :/

I think it is pretty cute. I debated adding a cotton lace trim to the hem line...I still might, I can't decide?

Thanks again for dropping by. I'm glad I gave in to the little voice that told me I HAD to sew along.

Pop over to Frances Suzanne to see the other fun entries for this month.

Kerry xx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Operation: project $0 - Upcycled Ruffle Peplum Tutorial

As part of my outfit for the Project $0 over on Winter Wanderings and Whatnot I made this cute little up-cycled Ruffle Peplum. Here is a tutorial showing how I did it. (Bear with me, I am self taught and make up my own terms for things sometimes).

Please excuse the dark phone photos. I mainly get free time for sewing late at night when the kids are in bed so I take photos with my phone and the lighting is terrible. 

I decided to use the Tinny as the basis for my bodice. I love the fit of the Tinny on Eloise. That said, you could use any bodice you have in your collection. The Tinny is designed to have sleeves and a neck facing but I decided to make it fully lined instead.

 I kept the front pattern piece unchanged but folded 3/8" of the centre back seam under because the shirt already has buttons/buttonholes. I lined my new centre seam up with the centre of the button placket. I think the most important part of placement on the shirt is working out the height of the top button (and don't forget to allow for the seam allowance when deciding on placement).

I then cut the same pieces from some white poplin I had in my stash. I sewed the fronts and backs together at the shoulder seams and pressed the seams open. Then, as shown in the third pic across below, I placed them right sides facing and pinned the armholes and neck opening. I folded the lining back along the side of the button placket. Then I sewed these seams and clipped the curves. I turned it right side out and ironed it flat (my pic is pre-ironing).

Next it is time to top-stitch the neck opening. The pic below shows how I dealt with the raw top of the button placket at the back. I folded it under twice and then when I top stitched the neck line is enclosed that raw edge. Another way would be to use bias binding around the neck opening.

While the back was still open I then lined up the bodice's side seams (under the arms). You should have lining right sides facing and main fabric right sides facing. It is important to match up the seam in the middle. Once this is sewn you need to clip the part where the seams meet in  the middle, then press the seams open and fold it back down so that the wrong sides of the lining are against the wrong sides of the main fabric. 

Now take the centre back of the lining and fold it under along the side of the button placket. Then edge stitch the lining to the main fabric

Yay!! The bodice is finished :)
Have I mentioned I LOVE the Tinny bodice?

Time to add ruffles. I cut two strips of the shirt (full width). One was 1.75" and the other was 3.5". In hindsight I should have added a seam allowance to each piece so that the finished length of the shorter one was half of the longer one. Sooo... If I was you (or I was still me but doing it again) I would make them more like 2 3/8" and 4 3/8" so they would end up longer and  more even. Also I made this for an 18month old. The ruffles would need to be longer for bigger sizes. I suggest making the bodice then seeing where it sits and measuring the length you want to add and working it out from there. 

Clear as mud?? Please ask questions if I'm not making sense :/

So, back to the ruffles. Once you have cut them you need to finish the bottoms of them. I chose to use my overlocker (serger) to do rolled hems. You can finish them however you please but remember to add to the length if you are doing a regular hem. Once they were hemmed I then lined them up at their tops and overlocked them together with the needle tensions turned up to 9. This finished the raw edge, joined them together and gathered them at the same time. Mine didn't turn out gathered enough so I gathered them further by hand. I left the little button placket parts un-gathered so they would sit flat. Then I pinned and pinned and pinned to keep the gathers as even as possible (I lined up the centre of the ruffles with the centre front of the bodice). I attached them to the bodice using my sewing machine but then ran it through the overlocker to reinforce it and finish the raw edge of the bodice.

Now the last step...
I ironed the ruffle seam up towards the bodice and then top-stitched the bottom edge of the bodice.

I think it would look good with a flower embellishment or a ribbon or trim around the bottom of the bodice - or along the bottoms of the ruffles for that matter. I'd love to know if you make one up and see a pic so please link up your pictures/blog in the comments.

As I said if you have any questions or notice any errors (likely) please comment so I can fix it up so it makes more sense for others.

Kerry xx

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I heart Pattern Testing: Apple + Fig Street Kred Cap

I was lucky enough to be selected by Jenna, from Apple + Fig, to test her newest pattern the Street Kred Cap. I was in the midst of finishing my post for the Project $0 2013 contribution and decided that I would make one up from the left over bits of fabric from the pants/shirt. 

This is a seriously cool pattern. It comes in sizes XXS - XXL so it fits babies up to adults. I chose the size I made based on the measurement chart, which was also the right size age wise (I love when that happens!!). The pattern instructions and pieces are beautifully presented and very professional. It was quite straight forward to sew up. I love the attention to detail and the finished cap is very trendy and wearable. There is room to pop in a bit of personality too which is fun. I was up-cycling so I added in a panel that had a part of the pocket and waist band of the pants on it.

I used red thread throughout. I lOVE the topstitching over the top!

A true tester for any hat/cap/head wear is my little miss Eloise. To put it bluntly she is NOT a fan of having things on her head. At. All. That said, she wore this willingly for quite some time as I chased her around trying to snap some photos. I think in part that is because it fits so well, it has a padded sweat band and elastic in the back. The boys are lining up for me to make them one too and I think even my hubby would like his very own.

This pattern is fantastic and I would recommend it to beginner and advanced sewists alike. It will be released soon from Apple + Fig. I should add that I was not asked to review this pattern, I was given a free copy of the pattern as a pattern tester. My feedback is my honest opinion :) 

Are you eager to buy this one when it is released?  Now? The Pattern has been released! You can buy your copy here :)

Let me know what you think.

Kerry xx

Guest Blogging: Project $0

Pop over to Winter Wanderings and Whatnot to see my contribution to Operation: Project $0. While you're there check out all the other fun stuff Suzanne and her guests have come up with. 

There are still a lot of awesome bloggers to come throughout September! And there is a flickr group for you to join in too :)

I'm doing up some tutorials for the garments I made for this challenge and will post them as soon as I can. I have also done a review on the Street Kred Cap pattern test.

Kerry xx

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Operation: Project $0 - Preview

I'm very excited about this blog series over at Winter Wonderings and Whatnot. Suzanne has challenged herself to come up with outfits for her children's fall wardrobe for $0 (or as close to it as possible). Suzanne started this series last year and made some great things. This year she has invited some cool guest bloggers to join in with her and... one of them is me :)

Look at the line up! Some of my favourite bloggers are going to be dropping by to share their $0 creations. I'm a bit star struck and so very excited to have been asked to join in.

I had a ball making my outfit and can't wait to show you all next week. My turn will be Monday 9th September. Pop over and check out the contributions so far from CathGrace and Suzanne herself.

A sneak peek at my $0 outfit :)

Thanks for visiting.

Kerry xx