Sunday, 17 August 2014

I heart pattern testing: Boo! Designs Firefly Dress - Mummy's Choice

I'm excited to share another Firefly Dress I made during pattern testing. Just quietly this one is my favourite Firefly... it might just be my favourite dress EVER! 

My beautiful little girl is ever so slightly in love with pink. When we walk into the fabric store I will ask "what kind of fabric should we buy today?" and without fail her answer is ALWAYS "I want pink please mummy". I, however, am not a big fan of pink... I don't hate it but I really love blues and greys. They are the colours that I gravitate towards. So despite miss pink's wishes I wanted to make a Firefly out of the colours I love. 

I made the dress and was planning to buy some blue buttons to coordinate until the clever ladies in the testing group suggested contrast coloured buttons. So I set about making my own buttons. That was the beginning of a new obsession. Since then I have made all of the buttons I have used! It adds such a lovely personal touch to a garment. I will be blogging about how you can make your own buttons too in the near future :)

I am so glad I went with the contrasting buttons. 

Can anyone say photo overload?? I have a hard time choosing which shots I like the most and which ones to exclude. I love them all for different reasons.

This one below really captures the dress and our trip to the waterfront. Eloise was not still for even one second. She was running and jumping and spotting seagulls and boats and JUMPING! This dress photographs so well. Those ruffles, the big bow, the full skirt! (can you tell I'm a fan??)

I made a simple bow with the blue fabric and one of the buttons on it then I attached it to a hair clip and clipped it above her hair tie.

Looking at little crabs hiding in their holes in the sand.

 Look at the little pops of pink from the buttons against the pretty features of the dress.

So what do you think? I am VERY happy with how this dress turned out. And... despite the lack of pink, Eloise loved it. When she saw it she said "Oh, wow!" What little girl wouldn't love a Firefly Dress?

As I mentioned in my first Firefly Dress post this is a fabulous pattern and I recommend it for those wanting to make a dress with "wow factor".

If you haven't grabbed your copy of One Thimble yet you can purchase it here (affiliate link) or click on the link over there --->

I will be sharing two more Firefly Dresses very soon. The next one will be my "pimped" version. Kristie asked for one Firefly according to the pattern and then a "pimped" one, one where we were free to use our creative instinct and mix up the pattern. The other testers are such a talented bunch and their "pimped Fireflies" are AH-MAY-ZING!!! Keep an eye out over at Boo! Designs Pattern Club for more to pop up.

As always feel free to leave a comment here or on FB to let me know what you think, or with a link to your Firefly Dress. I love seeing how other people interpret patterns :)

Kerry xx

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  1. Really cute. I would love to make one, but i'm afraid it is a little bit too princessy for my girl.