Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Few New Friends

So I thought I would share my recent work with you all.  It began a few months ago when I was asked to make some party decorations for a friend to put up at her children's birthday party. I popped over to Bunnings (our local hardware) again and picked up some sheets of plywood. I drew up a sketch with chalk onto the board, then I grabbed my trusty jigsaw and began cutting it out. I sanded the board, and then spent several nights painting my design onto the timber until I was happy with the result. This is what I made for the party - 

It was a big hit with everyone and so I decided to test my creative skills to see what else I could make. 

This was my next 'little friend' and she was decoration at another birthday party & was a hit with the little ones. 

Then I got busy (distracted) by the organising of Master G's birthday party. I love having projects on the go and when his party was finished I turned again to making some timber decorations for our friends and family to use. 

Firstly there was another pig duo to make
Here is my little man modelling with them.

Then there was this clever bilingual girl -


Followed by one of master Griffin's favourite owls -

My nephews went to the movies in the recent school holidays and haven't been able to stop talking about these little yellow guys. So I took inspiration from their current interest in the movie and made this guy - 

These figures are all drawn freehand and as such they have been created with my 'artistic interpretation' of kids characters that you may recognise. I begin with a blank piece of plywood and using chalk I sketch my idea out. When I'm happy with how it looks I begin cutting them out. They aren't photocopied or photoshopped, and they are individually handmade and have unique floors & little mistakes ;) 

What do you think? Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what I could make next? I'm always happy to hear what you think.

With thanks,
Linda x

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