Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What's in a name?

How did we decide on the name Sutures and Sandpaper? Good question, ummm...

We wanted a name that captured the variety of craftiness that we like to dabble in. The great thing is we have different strengths and they complement each other (and for sisters we actually seem to get on pretty well most of the time). Yes, at the moment Kerry is pathologically obsessed with sewing (and buying patterns :/), but in general we love craft FULL STOP. 

Linda is a Mum to her gorgeous little boy Griffin (22 months). She worked for many years as a preschool teacher and is currently a SAHM and also looks after Kerry's little ones when she's at work. Linda can make just about anything. She is usually not constrained by patterns or instructions but more thinks of an idea and creates it. She has done a lot of wood related crafting lately. Our Dad used to tease us that girls could not use power tools. Well... Linda has proven once or twice that she can wield a drop saw/drill/jigsaw/belt sander with the best of them (and she still has most of her fingers).

Kerry works part time as a doctor, is married and is a Mum to three great kids, Xander (6.5yo), Sethan (4yo) and Eloise (14months). She loves sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper craft and anything crafty really. Lately Kerry is really enjoying sewing clothes for her little ones. She has recently gone from sewing directly from patterns, to starting to combine and modify patterns. She also has a few ideas floating around for some patterns that she wants to create. 

So, the "Sutures" part reflects Kerry in all her nerdiness as part doctor and part self taught wannabe seamstress and the "Sandpaper" part is more about Linda and her ability to create amazing things with wood (and many other materials) that most of us wouldn't ever contemplate. 

Our little munchikns

Kerry & Linda xx

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