Monday, 20 May 2013


Welcome to our blog. We've chatted about setting up a blog for such a long time and now we're finally doing it! The biggest stumbling block was deciding on a name. We'd love to hear what you think of "Sutures & Sandpaper"? We wanted a name that fitted us and the fact that we love all crafts, great and small. We'll work on the look of the blog as soon as we can.

We have been crafting together and individually since we were young kids. We are lucky to have the best mum in the world, who encouraged us to be creative and imaginative and tolerated the mess we inevitably made along the way. We have taught ourselves and each other everything we know. 

We are planning to blog about all of our crafty ideas and achievements (and any failures too). As proud mums we won't be able to resist blogging about our little ones along the way too. We hope to put up some tutorials down the track. 

Please feel free to comment or ask questions or make suggestions anytime. 

Thanks for visiting, we hope you'll come back :)

Kerry & Linda xx


  1. I can't wait. You guys are awesome! And yay for me being your first comment on the first page! Whoop whoop

  2. Looking good, ladies! I'd love to hear the reason behind the blog name :) (Although I know....but just a thought that any new visitors who come across your blog via a google search might be interested :) )

  3. Yep, I'm curious... Found the blog via Skirt As Top (I think) and wondered if you were surgeons, who do woodwork, and sewing?
    It was the name that made me visit as my blog name is a similar construction. I may be too new at this myself to officially welcome you, but have fun with your blog

    1. Lightning McStitch, please link your blog so we can pop by for a visit too :)

    2. my name should be an active link. Although technology and I don't always walk hand in hand...

    3. Thanks, I tried that out after I commented the other day. I've had a quick squizz at your blog. Looks great :)I love the PJs you made!

  4. Thanks for dropping by guys :)
    We'll definitely have to add in some more info about ourselves and what made us choose the name. We'll try to get something up tonight after the little ones go to bed.

  5. Take a look at 'What's in a name' and read a little about us and how we decided on the name Sutures & Sandpaper. x