Monday, 19 January 2015

Sewing for charity - A Snuggle Quilt from Echidna

I know I have been the world's slackest blogger so I thought instead of working out what to catch up on, I would do a super quick post about the Snuggle Quilt I made over the weekend.

As I have mentioned before I got an embroidery machine for Christmas in 2013. It is a lot of fun but I must say my sewing machine gets far more use. I recently heard of an initiative from Echidna Club to make Snuggle Quilts that are then donated to sick kids in Lady Cilento  Children's Hospital.

I'm on holidays with the kids so I thought it is the perfect time for me to do something like this.

So I bought the kit on Friday and stitched out all the embroideries (that came for free when I bought the kit!!!). Then did the patchwork assembly on Saturday, the machine quilting on Sunday and then bound it this morning and the kids and I delivered it back to Echidna to donate it today :)

I liked the idea of my crafting brightening up a sick child in hospital and also like the lesson it helped me illustrate to my own kids over the weekend. A message about giving and helping others in less fortunate situations.

This is a crappy nighttime mobile pic of it, before I did the quilting

I learned a new skill while I made it: Embroidery machine quilting. I have only ever done quilting using my sewing machine so doing it on the emby was a fun new challenge. 

A pic showing how I centred and lined up the emby quilting.

I like the squiggles and stars I ended up choosing and can see myself using that to quilt another quilt in the future. It is a bit yellow on yellow for my taste really, but my kids loved it and so I'm sure someone who's favourite colour is yellow will be happy to have it... well I hope so :)

 a slightly better pic after it was complete

Echidna are my local sewing and embroidery store and I have always had great service from them. I bought both my emby and my sewing machine from Echidna. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I just heard about these Snuggle Quilts through an embroidery group and jumped in. You don't even have to have an embroidery machine to join in. There are some specifications regarding the size and components of the quilts but that's it and the kit was very affordable :)

I will endeavor to pop in and share little bits and pieces more often. I have some fun blogging things on the horizon and lots of patterns I have tested that I'd love to write reviews for.

Oh, and I am playing along with the #FMSphotoaday and having a ball challenging myself to take a pic a day using the prompts from FatMumSlim. You can follow me on instagram if you like, my link is HERE.

Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think...or any tips for next time :)

Kerry xx

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