Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bits and pieces

What a slack blogger I have been. Real life has kept me very busy and I have not had a chance to take many photos or share what I've been up to. 

I have been madly sewing away though. So here are some mobile phone shots of what I've been up to...
(Sorry for the poor photo quality and scruffy toddler hair).

Firstly some Prefontaine Shorts from Made With Moxie. I won this pattern in a blog raffle and I've made Eloise a few pairs. They're very quick to make and so comfy, and just a bit cute. I think they'll be good during toilet training as she can get them on and off herself. 

This little top is a modified Cassidy top from Foo Foo Threads. I used my own construction method and used knit fabric for the main pieces. It came out quite short so next time I'll add a couple of inches to the length.

More prefontaines :) It's a great scrap buster pattern. I've used up some of my remnants for these. 

Another pair of prefontaines paired with a Boo! Shirred top. Not my best shirring, my brother machine isn't a fan of shirring :/

This is Xander on his 7th birthday and the cake I made (its a bad piggy, one of his favorite games). The bottom half shows the bad piggy party bags I stayed up late sewing the night before (complete with piping around the noses and zips on the back) and xan unwrapping his new bike. 

A Bowling Shirt by scientific seamstress. Seth loved that I made this for him. I modified it to be unlined because its getting quite warm here in Queensland.

Look at my spunky little man! Hard to believe he'll be starting prep next year... Just a few short months. 

This Eloise's Oktoberfest outfit. We were invited to our close friends annual Oktoberfest BBQ a couple of weeks ago and I decided miss E needed to look the part. I made a peasant blouse with white lawn and then modified the Tinny to make the dress. It's hard to see the details but there are eyelets with ribbon threaded through on the bodice. Unfortunately, we were unable to go (despite E's cute outfit) as we were all unwell :( 

These are a pair of Comfy Shorts by Sewing Geek patterns. I made them as PJ shorts for Xander. They are knee length and he really likes them. 

I have made a handful of these little knit dresses using the Charlie-Mack-a-doodle pattern from burlap button. I had some printing issues (it seems it doesn't convert to A4 well). But the dresses sew up super fast and are great for play around the house. 

We don't really "do" Halloween here but Seth's preschool had a dress up day on Halloween. He wanted to be a wizard and described the cape he wanted. I could not convince him to be a pirate or something similar to really get my sew on. So I made him this hooded cape. I made up the pattern as I went and I was thrilled when it worked out. He was too. I saw him in the playground at preschool running around with his cape flying out behind, checking out his own reflection in the glass doors :) 

I made this pair of cuffed shorts from lily bird studios. I made a mock fly rather than a zippered one because I didn't have a matching zip. 

I have since made two more pairs to donate the a Christmas clothing drive. I'm making knit tops to go with them too.

One of my favorite things that I've sewn lately are these Maggie Mae dresses. I just love the look, the fit, the pockets. Everything really. They are great for playing and nice and cool. The blue one is made from an up cycled men's shirt and some printed lawn. 

The orange/yellow one is made with quilting fabrics. I love them so much I want one for me. I bought this waterfall blouse pattern to try to make myself something similar. I've not had a lot of luck with my selfish sewing of late so fingers crossed... 

Oh, and some bloomers (Dana Made it) for under it :)

Some very exciting news....
We had a new arrival!!!

Quinn (Mannequin)

It seems like such a long time ago that I ordered her and now she is here. I had so much fun trying all Eloise's little outfits on her (playing dress ups). 

Again, sorry for the dark, indoor phone photos. I promise to take some real photos of some sewing soon.

I'm planning to make the kids some coordinating outfits to take some family shots to send to family at Christmas. I just need a few more hours in each day... Please...

I also have some exams coming up for my fellowship so I will need to dedicate some time to preparing for them. Don't you hate how real life has to get in the way of obsessive sewing :(

What have you been up to? Busy sewing for Christmas? 


  1. My goodness you have been busy! Everything you made looks wonderful. And congratulations on the new arrival!