Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Baby & E: Boo! Bubblealls

Eloise has started to enjoy playing with her Baby. "Her" baby was actually a little doll Linda bought for Xander when I was pregnant with Sethan. She has been loved by Xander, then by Sethan and now by Eloise. It is quite a basic doll and came with a pretty boring outfit. I have been meaning to make Baby some clothes for a while now. 

The other day I started by up-cycling some of Eloise's baby clothes into clothes for Baby. I used this pattern and this pattern. These are patterns best suited to people who have sewn with knits before and know some basic construction of these type of garments. They have fairly minimal instructions and no step by step pics. The pattern pieces are hand drawn. The end results were still close to what I wanted so I was happy nonetheless.  This first little set was made from a pair of 000 pink knit pants and some white knit fabric I already had.

This set was made from some 0000 ruffle knit leggings and some white knit fabric.

I love the idea of using Eloise's baby clothes to make clothes for Baby. It is a way of holding on to some special items, but them remaining useful rather than just taking up precious storage space.

Today I used the scraps from my first pair of Bubblealls (Design Your Own Overalls) to make a pair of Bubblealls for Baby. When I made the bubblealls for Eloise they were a bit big (she was just 1yo and I made the 2yo size) so they are actually fitting her better now that she is 18 months. I still need to move the buttons a bit so the straps stay on her shoulders better. 

For Baby's pair I just made it up as I went along. I drafted a pattern as I cut and thankfully it worked out and fit Baby (albeit a little snug). It even has little flutter ruffles on the straps. Eloise was so excited that Baby's clothes matched hers. She carried Baby around and cuddled her tight. 

We may need to have a conversation about safe ways to carry babies :/

I love this one... Eloise was making Baby "walk" along in the grass.

Eloise was a little distracted when I was trying to get some pics, her big brothers were riding their bikes and she wanted to chase them.

My little girl :)

This was a fun and super quick project. For Christmas for Eloise I am planning to to make up a lot of little clothes and bedding and get Baby a bed. My mum did this for me one year and it is one of my fondest childhood memories. I will do it low key this year because she is only little, but I'll go all out when she is 3/4yo.

I will do up a super quick post soon with some details from Xander's birthday party from the weekend. So hard to believe my big little man is 7 already!!

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