Monday, 23 September 2013

Cute Little Bubble Shorts

I saw these bubble shorts featured on Frances Suzanne and I knew I needed them. I really want to add the ruffle variation that they made but thought I'd better try them out as intended first. They are the Bubble Shorts by DoGuincho They are super quick to make and turned out pretty cute (even if I do say so myself).

I used this pretty purple hydrangea fabric. I love this fabric. I originally made a Boo! twirly skirt and Little Missy Bolero out of it. Then I bought more and made a Boo! Pinny with it and then yesterday I bought MORE to make these. It is one of the more expensive fabrics in the Spotlight quilting fabric section...but.. I was lucky enough to get it as a remnant this time! So the fabric for these shorts cost $4 and I have enough left over to make a few more things :) I LOVE a fabric bargain.

I had a rare non-work, toddler-free day today (thanks Linda) and I managed to sew these up in no time at all. Sewing in the day with no interruptions is certainly a novel treat. I had Xander (nearly 7) home with me and he mopped the kitchen floor while I sewed. How cool is that? And he made this little sign to warn me that the floor was wet :) 
Love my little man :)

And, of course, some shots of miss E modelling her shorts. Excuse the wet T-shirt, she'd been doing water-play just before I arrived.

I think next time I'll gather the outer shorts more at the outside edge and less at the crotch so they sit better when worn.

Thanks for stopping by. I will hopefully get some photos of the Prefontaine Shorts by Made With Moxie I've been sewing up over the past few days and share them soon. I also did a pattern test for the bigger sizes of the Fancy Pants Leggings by Titchy Threads so if I can wrangle some photos I'll do up a review. 

These bubble shorts have all the puffiness of a bubble skirt but the modesty and "playability" of shorts.

What do you think?

Kerry xx


  1. thank you so much for buying my pattern Kerry!
    Your shorts look adorable!
    I already knew your blog from flip this pattern series and I love your creations!

    1. Thank you Marta. I enjoyed making these :)

  2. I love your fabric choice. I too was so lucky to get Marta's pattern and will be making part of her tour next monday. I just loved sewing these shorts and it went far beyond my expectations.