Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Party Preparations

Eeeeek it's almost that time if year again. No I'm not talking about End of Financial Year, its the next day I'm starting to stress about. July 1st my baby boy Griffin, will turn 2 !!!

We are having a 'Little Man' themed party this year, with some vintage touches thrown in. Lots of dress-ups with hats, ties, bow ties, vests and a few moustaches. Griffin has always been called 'little man' by his cousins, and given his love of hats and dressing up, the little man theme seems to fit quite nicely. 

We thought that we would just have a quiet affair this year, but as with all great plans, we have slightly exceeded the original plan.  With just under two weeks until his birthday, and a little over two weeks until party day it is time to put all the ideas floating about in my head into real action. 

Here are some of the bits and pieces so far.

My little 'G' Man :)

Some of the bits & pieces

What do you think ? Am I on the right track? Will it all come together okay? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Linda x

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